Normandy Company is considered one of the biggest companies that works in importing and selling shoes and leather products retailers in Egypt, the company has 12 branches in the best shopping areas in Cairo – the capital , Alexandria , Tanta, Mansoura , Zagazig , Shebeen , Al Mahala Al Kobra ,Kafr AlChaikh ,  October City (outlet branch).
Those are of the main cities with high population in Egypt. The company specializes in the high-quality products of natural leather whose resources varies from the best marks and factories in all over the world such as Turkey , Brazil , China and Egypt .
The company depends on a show style in its branches which differs from the traditional style in most of the shops in all over Egypt as all the branches of the company are characterized by its vast areas in which the products are shown divided into sizes in order to provide more comfort and helping to have an accurate choice to the company’s customers.
The company cares as well as unusual in such kind of commercial activities for after sale service to its customers by direct contact to know the opinions , the suggestions and complains if found . The company also always keens on contacting its customers in special occasions and feasts.

Normandy company follows an ambitious way to spread through the horizontal expansion ways by opening new branches in the rest of the Egyptian cities and also by opening a group of branches in the capitals of the middle East cities to get its thinking and style to the utmost point it can reach to make the words which the company puts in all its dealings available for all. These words are:
“From time to time you should give yourself some pleasure, this time make it for your foot.”